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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

How to Participate in the AGB/NACUBO Study of IRS Compliance Questionnaire

February 13, 2009

If your institution has recently completed and submitted the College and University Compliance Questionnaire to IRS, we encourage you to participate in an independent study project sponsored by NACUBO and the Association of Governing Boards (AGB), which will provide analysis and results to campuses in advance of the IRS report due out later this year. The project, endorsed by a number of higher education associations, was announced in an October 3 "Dear Colleague" letter to chief business officers.

AGB and NACUBO have engaged the accounting firm of Ernst & Young (EY) to receive, tabulate, and analyze completed questionnaires.  Any material submitted to EY will be kept strictly confidential, and only aggregate results for the participants will be shared with AGB and NACUBO and included in any published reports.  Individual school information will not be disclosed.

The IRS has requested that submissions be paper-based, submitted on CD, or filed electronically.  If you filed an electronic version with the IRS, please send it as a PDF attachment to an e-mail message to  If you did not file electronically, please send a copy of the same material sent to the IRS (either paper or CD) to EY at the address below:

Thomas Neubig
National Director, Quantitative Economics and Statistics
Ernst & Young LLP
1101 New York Avenue, NW    Room 4.1047
Washington, DC 20005

Since many of the questions posed by the IRS require yes/no responses, plus a potential explanation, it is important for the analysis that you include any attachments to the questionnaire submitted to the IRS in the package to EY.

Please send the material to EY as soon as possible. If you have any questions about sending your submission to EY, please call Tom Neubig at 202-327-8817 or e-mail at