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Business and Policy Areas



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Advisory Report 2014-1
Collecting Taxpayer Identification Numbers for Form 1098-T Reporting

After the IRS sent notices of proposed fines to hundreds of campuses in 2013, and again this year, institutions have focused more on the best ways to ensure compliance. NACUBO Advisory Report 2014-1, Collecting Taxpayer Identification Numbers for Form 1098-T Reporting, provides advice on best practices, relevant regulations, and model substitute W-9S forms. The advice was developed by a joint subcommittee of NACUBO's Student Financial Services and Tax Councils, with assistance from representatives from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. 

Stay on top of the many rules and policy developments affecting higher education tax administration and compliance, and follow NACUBO's advocacy efforts on tax matters.

NACUBO Connections: Discuss tax issues and find solutions on the Taxlist

If you're not already a subscriber to NACUBO's discussion group of more than 600 campus tax professionals, join the Taxlist eGroup. (Only employees of higher education institutions may participate).

Featured Product

A Guide to Federal Tax Issues for Colleges and Universities

This online-only, annual subscripton service gives you one reliable place to turn for up-to-date information on IRS compliance. You'll save valuable time and resources using our sample forms, checklists, and other practical tools … and you'll be able to structure your IRS compliance correctly, reducing your institution's potential liability. The service includes online access to guidance and Web tools, plus monthly newsletters for one year.