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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

Center for Green Schools Issues 2013 Report Card

March 20, 2014

More than 4 million students in higher education—out of an estimated 18 million—are on campuses with green building policies, according to the 2013 report card recently issued by the Center for Green Schools, which has its goal to reach 24 million students by 2040. This number was derived from the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) established the Center for Green Schools in 2010 to drive the transformation of all schools toward sustainability and cultivate grassroots support for healthy, safe, and efficient schools. The 2013 report card issued on March 18, notes that more than 253,000 volunteers put in more than 1.1 million hours to catalyze involvement in making schools greener. Those volunteer hours-which equate to 559 full-time employees-represent a 33 percent increase from 2012. (Report cards from previous years are available from the Center for Green Schools.)

USBGC is also one of the sponsors of the "Compete to Reduce" program from Campus Conservation Nationals, the world's largest electricity and water reduction competition for colleges and universities. The competition, which started February 3 with more than 150 colleges and universities participating, will end April 25, with results announced in May. As of March 14, the participating campuses had reported saving 909,490 kWh of electricity—equivalent to removing 84 houses from the grid for one year—and saving more than 269,700 gallons of water. 


Sally Grans Korsh
Director, Facilities Management and Environmental Policy