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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas


Key Facilities Metrics Survey - Survey Closes Dec 12

The 2015-16 survey closes on December 12, 2016 available online: Free and open to all campuses (do not need to be either an APPA or NACUBO member).

Enter at least two or more of the topics and 10 randomly selected participants will get a $10 Starbucks gift card.

"This survey took about 15 minutes and was an easy report. We keep good utility records and just had a waste audit report done." David Rubin, Business Manager of Facilities Management, Northeastern Illinois University.

IF your campus is NOT keeping utility records - this is a great opportunity to set up a simple system and capture your consumption. A quick review can easily find mistakes that some utility providers make! Survey results reflect these five key (and simple) elements that readily come from vendor or utility bills.

Contact if you need a hard copy of the survey, want to know if someone at your campus is filling it out, want a past copy of your campus data, or have ANY other questions.

Campus leadership can recite pertinent campus facts such as cost of tuition, types of academic programs, number of students, etc. Leadership should also know basic facilities data to improve strategic planning such as BTU, electrical, and water consumption, as well as waste output, and carbon footprint.

Check out our brochure on the survey - it cites benefits to your campus by documenting this data.

FREE WEBINARS from NACUBO on Sustainabilty: excellent, brief 30 minute videos on the intersection of Deferred Maintenance and Sustainabilty.

Have a "Lunch and Learn" with these - or - just listen anytime/anywhere!

Turning Deferred Maintenance Challenges into Savings: intersection of aging buildings and sustainabilty featuring Michelle Smith, capital planning and management green building coodinator from University of Vermont. (Jan 2016)

Bending the Deferred Mainteance Curve - Value of Whole Building Energy Retrofits featuring Wendell Brase, vice chancellor for administrative & business services, University of California Irvine  (Dec 2015)

Note overall series here on sustainability issues.

Expanding Financial Leadership Series: Facilities, Energy Efficiency Sustainability AND Deferred maintenance

In the web series Expanding Financial Leadership: Facilities, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability there are  five  30-minute videos that will inform participants on how to expand their knowledge base to create a conceptual facilities framework that can impact their campuses for years to come. Videos in the series include: Expanding Financial Leadership: Facilities, Energy Efficiency and SustainabilityTurning Deferred Maintenance Challenges into Savings (January 2016) Bending the Defrred Maintenance Curve - Value of Whole Building Energy Retrofits (December 2016) 

Videos are free for NACUBO members, minimal cost to others.

NACUBO In Brief - free 30 minute podcasts that inform!

The NACUBO Sustainability Advisory Panel has three members sharing their unique  insights to advance your campus with sustainability, ideas on managment and staffing and overall processes to improve your campus: Fred Rogers, Carleton College, Wendell Brase, University of California, Irvine and Ruth A. Johnston, University of Washington 

Higher Education Better Buildings Alliance

sponsored by U.S. Dept of Energy

Review what other higher education campsues  are doing to improve their campuses - case studies, free on-demand webinars 


Over 40 campus posters - review by name OR by their subject - great case studies and success stories to emulate.

NACUBO 2015 Annual Meeting Campus Efficiencies Posters

Over 40 campus posters - review by campus type OR by subject - great information, examples in process  from other campuses!

NACUBO 2014 Annual Meeting Campus Efficiencies Posters

The event featured over 30 posters from member institutions related to sustainability and energy efficiency efforts on their campus. Poster topics included geothermal energy, developing resources for saving water, engaging in renewable energy options, improving the campus carbon footprint, and engaging students and faculty in saving energy.

Sustainability Advisory Panel

Volunteer Leadership: NACUBO's Sustainability Advisory Panel


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Sally Grans Korsh
Director, Facilities Management and Environmental Policy