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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas


Feature Event

Sustainable Advisory Panel Open House Call for Proposals

Highlight Your Campus' Sustainability Efforts. NACUBO's Sustainability Advisory Panel is seeking posters that highlight unique issues or initiatives in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability. Share your initiative, brag about financial savings, carbon reduction, community engagement, waste diversion, or students/staff/faculty enlightenment. The posters will be displayed at the sustainability campus affiliates open house on Saturday, July 19 and throughout the remainder of the annual meeting. Download this form for more information and to register your poster submission. Sign up by May 1, to receive a 10% discount for the Annual Meeting (up to two registrants). Register now.

Events in Sustainability

Campus Specific

  • College Planning and Management: Arizona State University: Solar-Powered Sun Devils
  • Texas Water Report: Going Deeper for the Solution. Drought issues impact many states. However, even if drought is not a factor in your region, cost of water filtration is still impacting campuses. Unite report from Texas on State of Water has applicable parts for the entire country.
  • Sub-metering Analysis for Energy and Water in Buildings enables improved performance. 
  • "Smart Laboratories" can cut energy consumption by more than half. The UC Irvine campus discusses how a smart lab can be a true energy savings; retrofitting to a savings of energy by 50% (and greater).
  • IGEN Electric Value—white paper created for the Illinois Green Economy Network on the Role of Community Colleges in Developing an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure.

Policy/Holistic Issues

National Presence

Sustainability Advisory Panel

Volunteer Leadership: NACUBO's Sustainability Advisory Panel


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Sally Grans-Korsh
Director, Facilities Management and Environmental Policy