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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

Students Are Eligible for FTC's Do Not Call Registry

July 7, 2003

Students living in campus housing may list their campus telephone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry rolled out by the Federal Trade Commission last week. Colleges and universities may not list numbers on behalf of students--students wishing to participate in the Do Not Call program need to register their own campus residence numbers. Registration in Do Not Call is free and available online to consumers with e-mail accounts.

The FTC implemented regulations creating the Do Not Call registry in an effort to offer consumers additional protection from telemarketers’ calls. Online registration was made available beginning June 29. Telephone registration opened the same day for consumers in states west of the Mississippi River--including Minnesota and Louisiana. Telephone registration for the entire country will be available July 7.

Beginning in September 2003, telemarketing companies will be required to access the registry and to "scrub" their calling lists by October 1. It is anticipated that individuals who submit their phone numbers to the registry this summer will see a decrease in calls from telemarketers after October 2003.

For more information about the Do Not Call Registry, including online registration, go to

Additional information is also provided on the FTC web site at