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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas


Through the Challenge 2010 program, funded by the Lumina Foundation, NACUBO sought to strengthen higher education by helping to shape a deeper culture of organizational efficiency and effectiveness. With a focus on data-based decision making, strategic planning, outcomes measurement, continuous improvement, and managed change, these projects can assist colleges and universities revamp their systems and processes, and seek new revenue sources to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing, more accountability-focused environment. The goal is for institutions to be able to support their missions of teaching, research, and service by making better use of their resources.

This aggregate set of projects was designed to: 1) strengthen the confidence and ability of higher education administrators to develop and execute new initiatives and affect change; 2) improve the tools and models available to higher education administrators to understand environmental driving factors and develop effective responses; 3) develop the skills of higher education administrators to engage as change agents while serving as financial stewards for their institutions, and; 4) increase the number of methodologies and tools available to support process-oriented, data-driven organizations.



  • American University
    Getting Ahead of the Storm: a research university improves its budget and finance processes
  • California State University
    Stimulating Change at Multiple Levels and Multiple Institutions: a university system engages in organizational change on multiple fronts simultaneously
  • Loras College
    Bringing a Business Perspective to Performance Management: a small college creates an integrated, strategy-driven performance management system
  • Marist College
    Creating a World-Class IT Operation: a small private college tests a self-assessment and improvement methodology
  • Rogue Community College
    Preparing for Accreditation: a community colleges prepares for a new accreditation process
  • University of Georgia
    Introducing Personal Financial Consultation: a research university develops an innovative new program
  • University of North Texas Health Science Center
    Touching the Third Rail: Initiating a New Space Planning System: a graduate university approaches process improvement in a key area