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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

College and University Business Administration - Governance Chapter

CUBA Governance Chapter CoverAs core members of executive management, chief business officers are key players in campus administration. But they also have a crucial role to play in support of the governance process: as a source of information for the board, as the administrative liaison to board committees, and as a trusted advisor to the president. The importance of the CBO role will only continue to increase as more of the board's attention is focused on debt, investments, liquidity, and potentially financial viability.

There are two ways to approach governance in higher education. The first is through a study of governing boards, delegation of authority, and accountability. The alternative approach is shared governance, a deceptively antiseptic term that obscures the complex and sometimes messy realities of institutional history, real and presumed faculty prerogatives, and opaque decision-making.

Learn more in the complimentary Governance chapter of College and University Business Administration.

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