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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

NACUBO Projects Funded by the Lumina Foundation for Education

The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) received a grant from Lumina Foundation to support its work in strengthening the capacity of institutional leaders. This funding allowed NACUBO to create programs and tools to shape a deeper culture of organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The ultimate goal: for institutions to make better use of their resources to support the mission of teaching, research, and service.

The purpose of the grant was to enable NACUBO to develop programs and tools to assist colleges and universities in revamping their systems and processes to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing, more accountability-focused environment. The support was used strengthen the decision-making capacity of institutional leaders, improve the efficiency of administrative offices, and ultimately benefit students and higher education as a whole.

NACUBO undertook three projects over a three-year period. The first program created a cadre of institutions committed to using the Baldrige National Quality Program methodology and associated tools to assess, plan, improve, and provide organizational leadership. In completing and reporting on their projects, these institutions provided a "proof of concept" for the approach, and they continue to serve as effective role models for other institutions.

NACUBO offered a series of roundtables where senior higher education administrators – presidents, provosts, and chief business officers – could engage in a dialogue and learn from corporate executives from the healthcare industry who have led their organizations through the exceptional changes of the past decade. Additionally, a half-day program led by a nationally-recognized change expert offered a framework for supporting difficult change initiatives. A monograph covering these discussions has been published and is available on the NACUBO website. Read more and download your copy here: Finding the Right Prescription for Higher Education

A third project resulted in a set of case studies that capture contemporary concerns and horizon issues. They raise issues that are not easily addressed or that resist easy consensus. They are designed for the higher education community to use in a variety of ways to engage stakeholders in important dialogues that can begin or support critical change initiatives, and foster discussions about key operational or strategic concerns. Read more and download your copy here: Leading in Tough Times Workbook: Case Studies for Higher Education Leaders