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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

Thanks for Reading!

May 8, 2017

By John Walda

Dear Readers:

When NACUBO launched this quarterly e-newsletter 12 years ago, we did so in recognition of the growing strategic importance of HR to the chief business officer role. During the past decade, the complexities of higher education workforce and compliance concerns began to require greater attention by the business office, and this has ensured that the intersection of effective human capital management and financial management will remain intertwined as an institutional priority for colleges and universities across the nation.

In the evolution of NACUBO’s strategic priorities, we are mindful that HR Horizons has helped raise the profile of HR issues critical for our members to engage and understand. Ironically, it is largely because of the success of HR Horizons that we now conclude it is time to discontinue publication of the newsletter. In fact, part of the legacy of HR Horizons is that it has helped inform a growing body of HR-related content across NACUBO. This includes more robust Annual Meeting programming; high-level feature articles in Business Officer magazine; and timely legislative and regulatory updates in Current and posted on the association’s HR Business and Policy Area webpage

In truth, HR as a strategic priority has become infused throughout our member content, and we will continue to explore the many HR topics important to members through these various venues. We invite you to reach out to NACUBO with your ideas and suggestions for content as we look to build on the strong coverage of the most crucial HR issues for our members.

Thanks for reading!

John Walda
NACUBO President and Chief Executive Officer