Fall 2016
Building a Courageous Culture
By Karla Hignite

The University of Arizona is laying the groundwork to foster a community that supports honest dialogue and a willingness to take risk.

Getting in Front of Student Concerns
By Karla Hignite

With the recent NLRB decision allowing students to unionize, leaders of private institutions must assume a proactive stance on addressing a range of potential positions related to student employment.

Proactive Title IX Programming
By Karla Hignite

Customized outreach efforts and targeted communication can go a long way toward boosting prevention of sexual and gender-based misconduct on and off campus.

Noteworthy: A New Spin on Wellness

Recent surveys and reports suggest employers are questioning the value of traditional wellness programming and considering health and wellness efforts in a more expansive manner.

More on Diversity and Inclusion

Check out the November issue of Business Officer for a recap of conversations with prominent leaders of color during the Diversity Dialogue at the NACUBO 2016 Annual Meeting in Montreal.

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