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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

HR Horizons


  • Spring 2017
    The future of HR looks bright for Pennsylvania State University. The institution is on the cusp of full implementation of its five-year effort to transform its HR service delivery model, which is serving as a template for future change initiatives. This case study includes important lessons learned throughout Penn State’s transformation process. Also in this final issue of HR Horizons: perspectives from two TIAA Hispanic Advisory Council members on how technology and changing demographics are shaping institution activity; a menu of rich NACUBO resources; and a thanks to our readers.

  • Winter 2017
    Freeing your organization or department from thinking in isolation requires a concerted effort to break workplace habits that are counter to collaboration. Read how finance and administration leadership at the University of Colorado Boulder is encouraging employees to work together on shared concerns. Also in this issue of HR Horizons: a look at the rise in high-deductible health plans and health savings accounts; the strategy behind retirement plan changes at McDaniel College; how institutions are responding to the temporary stop on implementation of the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rule; and the push toward greater flexibility and choice in employee benefits.

  • Fall 2016
    Transforming organizational culture is an ambitious venture, and perhaps more so for colleges and universities that are comprised of multiple cultures throughout the institution. Read how The University of Arizona is laying the groundwork to foster a community that supports honest dialogue and a willingness to take risk. Also in this issue of HR Horizons: insights from two attorneys for how leaders can take a proactive stance in response to the recent NLRB Columbia University decision allowing students to unionize; tips for providing customized outreach and targeted communication aimed at boosting prevention of sexual and gender-based misconduct on and off campus; and a roundup of recent surveys and reports that signal how employers are shifting the focus of their wellness programming to consider health and wellness efforts in a more expansive manner. 

  • Summer 2016
    The next five to 10 years could usher in significant changes in the demographic composition of higher education chief business officers, with many seasoned CBOs reporting plans to retire within the next three years. The NACUBO 2016 National Profile of Higher Education Chief Business Officers provides a broad snapshot of those currently filling this role and the wide-ranging expertise required for aspiring business office leaders. Also in this issue of HR Horizons: how to get in front of the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rules, set to take effect Dec. 1, 2016; a roundup of recent NACUBO product releases to help leaders get up to speed on higher education HR and business office concerns; and new research on the perspectives and behaviors of millennials with regard to retirement and benefits.

  • Spring 2016
    Talent development reaches a new level of commitment when your efforts push you out of a job. Find out how Charlene Moore Hayes at Johns Hopkins University helped make space for a successor and created a new role for herself in the process. Also in this issue of HR Horizons: why a long-term performance plan can address accountabilities and establish standards of achievement for your institution; important tips for Title IX compliance; and age-related concerns for the economy and society.

  • Winter 2016
    One new year's resolution every leader would be wise to make and should strive to keep is to incorporate a little more kindness into the workplace. As Sibson Consulting's Michael O'Malley argues, productivity and efficiency don't have to go by the wayside when leaders make concerted efforts to value employees and treat them with compassion and respect. Adopting these six attributes of kind leadership can help: compassion, integrity, gratitude, authenticity, humility, and humor. Also in this issue of HR Horizons: how University of Michigan and University of Richmond are engaging women in financial planning and enhancing their retirement readiness; and why leaders must encourage their campus communities to acknowledge and support the similarities and differences of individuals who make their institutions strong.

  • Fall 2015
    Sometimes you need to change your point of view. To improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction, Montana State University began reviewing processes through the eyes of its employees and customers. Also in this issue of HR Horizons: Learn how Yale University and the State University of New York (SUNY) system have found new opportunities to engage employees as same-sex marriage has become the law of the land; find out how the practice of mindfulness can help leaders, teams, and organizations improve performance; and make plans to attend the 2015 Women's Leadership Institute.

  • Summer 2015
    Prioritizing focus on a staff reorganization doesn't mean you can afford to take your eye off of employee engagement. In this two-part case study, learn how the University of Kentucky's College of Arts and Sciences laid the groundwork for launching a new staff culture to accompany its broad-scale staffing restructure. Also in this issue of HR Horizons: Learn which benefits are gaining prevalence and relevance among employees; and how your entire staff can take part in the educational sessions presented at NACUBO's upcoming annual meeting in Nashville.

  • Spring 2015
    Uncovering the depth and meaning of institution data can drive better decision making. This issue focuses on understanding the numbers behind HR metrics. Also in this issue: how targeted communication and reenrollment strategies can enhance employee buy-in for your retirement plan transition; highlights of recently released surveys that paint a complex picture of retirement health among U.S. workers; essays from thought leaders regarding critical issues facing the profession; and programming at NACUBO's Annual Meeting in July that will cover a broad range of human resource topics.

  • Winter 2015
    Among the many decisions about an institution's health-care benefit is whether to self-fund or maintain a fully insured plan. Hear how the University of Colorado's transition to self-funded health care is reaping the institution savings and innovation. Also in this issue: Oklahoma State University is taking engagement to a new level, incorporating gaming into training and education initiatives to increase employee participation; higher education executive consultant Barbara Butterfield explains the dangers of inappropriate conduct within the academy and how to build a workplace culture that keeps bad behavior in check; a round-up of recent surveys and reports highlights the importance of health and retirement benefits to short-and long-term financial security; and the Business Officer"Leadership in Transition" feature series offers readers much to contemplate on succession and retirement planning.

Advisory Panel

Institutional RepresentativesCorporate Sponsor RepresenativesIndustry Representatives

Barbara E. Beck
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, New York

Heidi Conway
The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland

Allan D. Bishop, III
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York

Shelly Schmit
North Iowa Area Community College
Mason City, Iowa

Carl Sorensen
University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia

Allison M. Vaillancourt
The University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Sara L. Gillespie
Boulder, Colorado

Kelly S. Jones
Sibson Consulting
Cleveland, Ohio

Andy Brantley
College and University Professional Association for Human Resources
Knoxville, Tennessee

Dallas Salisbury
Employee Benefit Research Institute
Washington, D.C.

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