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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

Economic Stimulus

In mid-December, higher education associations and institutions released several sets of recommendations urging President-elect Obama and members of Congress to consider funding for colleges and universities in the upcoming stimulus package. Priorities include boosting financial aid, developing a block - grant program focusing on green initiatives, and increasing funding for major research facilities.

American Council on Education

The American Council on Education, NACUBO, and twenty-eight other higher education associations endorsed recommendations focused on two areas of critical need:

  1. support for higher education construction projects, with priority given to energy efficient initiatives through a block grant program, and
  2. increased financial support for students receiving federal aid, including immediately increasing the maximum Pell Grant by $700.

Read the full recommendation supported by NACUBO.

Association of American Universities

On Friday, Devember 12, the Association of American Universities (AAU) released a proposal that supports the main ideas of the ACE recommendation but adds several priorities specific to the major research universities. In addition to funding for financial aid and academic facilities, AAU requests:

  1. $900 million in additional support for federal agencies' facilities programs
  2. $1.8 billion to fund existing programs at the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation

Read the full AAU recommendation.

Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Carnegie Corporation of New York organized a statement from more than two dozen public university chancellors and board chairs on Tuesday, December 16, 2008. The letter requested five percent of the total stimulus package should be directed to renovating and building campus classroom and research facilities.

Read the full Carnegie Corporation of New York recommendation.

Project on Student Debt

A two-year student aid stimulus package is the focus of recommendations proposed by thirteen organizations, including several representing students, convened by the Project on Student Debt. They are seeking:

  1. a $2,269 increase in the maximum Pell Grant for needy students (from the current $4,731 to $7,000)
  2. 25 percent increase in Federal Work Study funds
  3. creation of an "emergency access" student loan pool for colleges that commit to providing adequate need-based aid.

Read the full Project on Student Debt recommendation.

NACUBO Contact: Matt Hamill, vice president, advocacy & issue analysis, 202.861.2540