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Business and Policy Areas
Business and Policy Areas

Performance Measurement Resources

NACUBO Resources

The following E-Chapters from "Managerial Analysis and Decision Support " are available. To order, please visit Online Publications.

  • Performance Measurement by Brenda Norman Albright
    (only $9.95 for members)

    The purpose of measurement is to enable an organization to perform better. As such, performance measurement can be a powerful tool for institutions to set strategic direction and make operational decisions by providing information to answer these questions: What are the results in our institution? Are we improving? Are we allocating resources to where the results are?
  • Case Study: Key Success Factors Track the Health of the University of Miami by Mary M. Sapp, M. Lewis Temares, and David A. Lieberman

    The University of Miami’s key success factor report, developed in 1988 and still in use today, is designed to monitor the “health” of the university throughout the year by identifying at an early stage any unexpected variation from the prior year or from budget expectations. Such reporting is increasingly important as higher education faces a period of limited revenue streams and rising expenses.
  • Why Performance-Based Funding Has Not Succeeded in South Carolina: A Case Study by Harry G. Matthews, David B. Fleming, and Thomas B. Higerd

    The authors dissect the mortally wounded but not yet dead performance-based funding system introduced in South Carolina in 1996.

Other Resources

  • The Association of Government Accountants has established a program to stimulate the issuance of performance reports by state and local governments and other governmental entities, including institutions of higher education. In addition, the program helps strengthen performance reporting through a Certificate of Achievement program which recognizes those reports that meet the GASB criteria, and eventually those that issue truly outstanding reports.
  • The National Commission on Accountability in Higher Education recently released, “Accountability for Better Results: A National Imperative for Higher Education.” The report calls on higher education to hold itself to the highest standards of accountability for student success, research and service and greater productivity. The report can be downloaded from the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) website.
  • The Investment Payoff - this Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) report looks at the individual and societal benefits of higher education on a 50-state basis. The report aims to reinvigorate discussions at the state level as policymakers examine how investment of state dollars in higher education pays off. The report can be dowloaded for free from the IHEP website.