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Business Officer Magazine

Author Guidelines for Developing a Feature Article

  • Make sure that the contribution you have in mind for the editor's consideration is in keeping with the mission of Business Officer: NACUBO's flagship magazine addresses current challenges and emerging trends in strategic planning and budgeting, accounting, finance, technology, facilities, student financial services, leadership, and other areas of higher education administration. The magazine presents experiences of chief business officers, analysis of NACUBO research, and practical tools that can be applied in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of comprehensive/doctoral institutions, small colleges, community colleges, and research institutions.
  • Write to the senior business officer of a college/university, addressing your topic at the advanced, strategic level.
  • Indicate the reasons behind the objectives of the initiative you describe.
  • Focus on actions and applications, with only a brief explanation of
    background and concepts for context.
  • Highlight the voices and experiences of college/university representatives.
  • Discuss policies and processes that are cutting edge and applicable to
    other institutions.
  • Provide a variety of perspectives--pros, cons, benefits, disadvantages,
    problems, solutions.
  • Describe challenges and lessons learned that other institutions can apply.
  • Include financial information that supports your story.
  • Illustrate key points with actual examples.
  • Special notes about presenting research: Keep in mind that Business Officer is not a research journal. Describe the highlights of your research and how they are being applied. Tell a story that helps your research come alive. Do not include traditional footnotes. With any information that you might be inclined to include in a footnote, consider whether the information can instead be incorporated into the text--or whether it is best left out due to the extraordinary level of detail. Readers who are interested in the article can always reach the author for further details.
  • Please do not submit a manuscript that has been published previously or is currently being considered by another publication.
  • If your submission is accepted, you will be required to sign a copyright agreement indicating that you grant and assign exclusively and irrevocably to NACUBO all rights, title and interest, including copyright and all rights subsumed thereunder, to the article.
  • Send submissions to: Editor. After a review by a subject matter expert on staff, the manuscript will be reviewed by the editor in chief. The review process generally takes six to eight weeks. You will then receive a response regarding the manuscript's suitability to the current editorial needs of Business Officer.

Thank you for your interest in Business Officer.

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