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Business Officer Magazine

Succession and Retirement Planning Series

During 2014 and 2015, Business Officer has given special attention to the wave of retirements already taking place among chief business officers. The potential leadership void is a challenge to many institutions. In a series of articles, "Leadership in Transition: Succession and Retirement Planning," Business Officer examines the when, why, and how of mentoring, succession planning, and retirement that will leave CBOs and their institutions in good hands. Here are links to the entire collection of articles.


Readying Your Replacement

By Margo Vanover Porter

Although you can never guarantee your position to a would-be successor, take steps now to give handpicked internal candidates a fair shot at the coveted chief business officer spot—at your institution or another.


Season to Task

By Sandra R. Sabo

Need a dash of challenge for one employee and a sprinkle of incentive for another? A formal succession plan can be a recipe for professional advancement.


Skill By Skill

By Cynthia Teniente-Matson

A data-driven leadership study concludes that the most effective CBOs rise beyond the threshold skills of technical proficiency. Findings suggest that the emergent business officer must focus on the broader meta-competencies described in this article.


Mark Coldren Tells How to Tap the Talent Within

By Mary Lou Merkt

Associate vice president for human resources at Ithaca College, N.Y., Mark Coldren, discusses the value of a more intentional approach to developing leaders internally.


When One Door Closes ...

By Sandra R. Sabo

The day will come when you—and your institution—are ready for your retirement. Several CBOs who have made gracious exits explain how they reached the comfort zone for their departures.

February 2015

Another Door Opens

By Sandra Sabo

When considering options for a fulfilling retirement, it's never too early to begin creating your new network. Sometimes, it's in your own backyard.

March 2015

Tune Up Your Talent

By Tina Woodard and Wendy Ruona

The University System of Georgia synchronizes its initiative on talent management with its strategic plan. The goal: To fill leadership positions by promoting from within, while reducing costs related to external recruitment.

April 2015

Givng Talent Its Due

By Sandra R. Sabo

Blessed with both senior leadership support and funding, Notre Dame's training and leadership development activities reach employees at all levels.