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Business Officer Magazine

Business Officer Recession Series


Catalyst for Change: The Economic Downturn Reshapes Higher Education

For a year, Business Officer has given special attention to the impact of the Great Recession on campuses in a series of articles, "Catalyst for Change: The Economic Downturn Reshapes Higher Education." Here the entire collection of articles is gathered together.

September 2010

The Long Shadow of the Recession

By Matt Hamill

The economic downturn's aftermath casts ominous clouds over the future of higher education. The final article in our yearlong series, "Catalyst for Change," explores the recession's lasting implications.

July-August 2010

Down, But Not Out

By Sandra R. Sabo

Pummeled by repeated cuts in state funding, public institutions are slowly getting back on their feet after the longest-recorded postwar recession.

After a Pounding, New Grounding

By Sandra R. Sabo

Sparing no sector, the recession has had independent institutions on the ropes. To fight back, leaders sweat the small stuff, rethink the rules, and even accept some corporate-world coaching.

June 2010

Tuition Discount Shake-Up

By Santiago Merea

The financial crisis pushed institution leaders to overturn rates that had been stable since 2002. The 2009 NACUBO Tuition Discounting Study reports that the economy's recent dynamics have sent rates to an all-time high.

May 2010

Words of Experience

Edited by Dorothy Wagener

When Business Officer asked how the recession has most affected chief business officers, you answered. Here is a summary of your collective thoughts, gathered in an e-mail poll.

April 2010

Steady Aim

By Sandra R. Sabo

Campus leaders from all departments feel the economic squeeze. A group of them explains how they've stayed on course with core programs and services while avoiding less-production paths.

March 2010

Regular, Express, or Online

By Margo Vanover Porter

Responding to expanding technology and a faltering economy, higher education is serving up a wide array of educational choices. Who ordered the two-year, no-frills degree?

February 2010

All for One, One for All

By Sandra R. Sabo

Institutions of all stripes find that banding together in consortia and collaborative relationships to combine their resources holds multiple benefits beyond cost efficiencies.

January 2010

Time to Regroup

By Karla Hignite

It's been a year of tough budget choices. While institution leaders evaluate costs and risks associated with every potential decision, staffing and benefits are a big part of the planning.

December 2009

Come Out Strong

By Margo Vanover Porter

Has the recession worn you down? See how institutions are using a through-cycle strategy to anticipate recovery and prepare to emerge in even better shape than before.

November 2009

Surviving a Wild Ride

By Kenneth E. Redd

Riding out a bucking financial market, institutions are re-evaluating endowment spending rates and carefully scrutinizing budgets.

October 2009

Spinning Straw Into Gold

By Reagan Romali

Using the raw material of programs already in place to serve students, community colleges are taking an entrepreneurial approach that generates much-needed revenue to offset state funding shortfalls and other casualties of the financial crunch.

September 2009

Sandwiched Generations

By Margo Vanover Porter

In the already-complex, multigenerational workplace, economic conditions are stalling normal career progress. An expert advises on maintaining productivity while a business officer from each age group offers a viewpoint on work in a time of wage freezes, layoffs, and delayed retirements.