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Business Officer Magazine

Educating Citizens of the World

"One in five children in America has a parent born outside the United States," noted Judy Woodruff during the closing general session. Former White House correspondent for NBC News, 12-year veteran at CNN, and current coanchor of the PBS NewsHour, Woodruff said that the fact that one in eight of those children was also born outside the United States "means they have grown up with diversity; they are not bothered by differences in skin color, ideas, or culture."

Couple diversity with another main distinction—technology immersion—and you have, said Woodruff, "a generation that creates disequilibrium in the workplace." Informed in part by her Generation Next project for PBS, Woodruff has learned that "young people are eager to make a difference, but they don't like being labeled or being locked into a political position. Rather, they are more likely to want to tutor kids or do other volunteer work. And, they think of themselves as citizens of the world."

For that reason, concluded Woodruff, "We owe it to them to provide the kind of education they need. They have been so connected all their lives that it will be fascinating to see if they take this collaborative attitude into adulthood."

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