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Business Officer Magazine

Election Prognostication

At one of three general sessions, political commentators Charlie Cook and Stuart Rothenberg shared their insights into the upcoming congressional and presidential races.

In the first national election since the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Citizens United—allowing unlimited donations to political campaigns by corporations and unions—it remains unclear what effects such uncalculated spending on advertisements may have, say the pundits. And while presidential elections have for some time been a battle for swing voters, this year more than ever the outcome could hinge on a relatively small number of late deciders in a handful of states.

Both Cook and Rothenberg concede the possibility of as-yet-unforeseen factors to emerge that could influence the race and the debates. Whoever is triumphant, they said, the bigger question is whether the winner will have a temperament to get things done within a political environment that has grown dangerously polarized.

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