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Business Officer Magazine

May 2012

Create an Esprit-de-Corps Culture
Want to retain your best? Create a workplace that inspires new ideas, encourages professional curiosity, and invites complete employee engagement.

Downturn Colors Debt Decisions
Adverse changes in the financial markets have turned debt management into a fine art. See how two institutions moved past the credit crunch, adopting nontraditional options for painting liquidity back into the institutional picture.

Take Heart From History
A longer, more global view of economic history can produce conclusions that challenge conventional wisdom. That perspective leads Sylvia Nasar, author of Grand Pursuit and annual meeting keynote speaker, to urge higher education leaders to remain optimistic, even in perilous times.

Resources Spare? Time to Share
Collaborative models can supply efficient, cost-effective services, and you don't have to join a large consortium to benefit. Here's a sampling of joint efforts on a smaller scale.

Free To Be Innovative
What's it take to craft a creative future for higher education? Clayton Christensen, coauthor of The Innovative University, claims that dismantling the org chart, applying a new teaching architecture, and thinking up other out-of-the-silo ideas are part of the answer.

Business Intel
A roundup of short news articles and useful resources for business officers

Vantage Point
Spotlight on an institution in one of the constituent groups: small institutions, community colleges, comprehensive/doctoral institutions, or research universities

Federal File
Coverage of legislation and regulatory activity that affects higher education

Back Story
Profiles of individuals in roles that support the work of the chief business officer—and who represent the majority of the Business Officer reading audience.

Business Officer Plus