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Business Officer Magazine

May 2009

Gained in Translation
Backgrounds and roles of chief financial and chief academic officers create distinct perspectives for each that are often hard for the other to interpret. Collaboration can help.

How Green are Your Partners?
Are your corporate partners doing their part in protecting the environment? If not, maybe it's time to reassess their commitment to sustainability...and yours.

Jennifer Foutty Takes Stock of Kuali
On her one-year anniversary as the first executive director of the Kuali Foundation, Bloomington, Indiana, Jennifer Foutty reflects on where the Kuali community is headed.

Gwen Ifill Breaks New Ground
An insightful Ifill finds a common thread among those who score personal and professional breakthroughs: a high level of academic attainment. She'll be in Boston with NACUBO to tell you more.

A Family First
Nontraditional students often come from families that aren't attuned to the atmosphere and demands of higher education. Here are some ways to help first-generation students spread their wings.

Business Briefs
Short news articles based on research surveys and peers’ business experiences that can benefit institutions

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