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Business Officer Magazine

May 2015

Pay It Onward
Revolving loan funds cycle back savings from energy efficiency improvements, seeding new projects going forward.

Office Takeover
New generations of employees see work in a whole new light—more flexible, collaborative, rewarding, and sometimes short term. See what that means for your institution’s professional development and succession plans.

A Build-Anew Budget
An enrollment downturn caused Columbia College Chicago to analyze core needs and true costs of academics and administration. Scrapping its incremental model, the institution turned to zero-based budgeting to build a cost structure directly related to the classroom.

Business Intel
A roundup of short news articles and useful resources for business officers

Vantage Point
Spotlight on an institution in one of the constituent groups: small institutions, community colleges, comprehensive/doctoral institutions, or research universities

Federal File
Coverage of legislation and regulatory activity that affects higher education

News about how your association is a resource for you

Back Story
Profiles of individuals in roles that support the work of the chief business officer—and who represent the majority of the Business Officer reading audience

Bonus Online Content

The Sustainability Connection
As institutions work to reduce their carbon footprint, many have looped campus sustainability committees into the project review and approval process.

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