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Business Officer Magazine

March 2009

The Search for Solid Ground
As results of the 2008 NACUBO Endowment Study reflect a shaky market, institution investors seek firm footing for a continuing uphill climb.

Riding the Health Care Roller Coaster
Large claims are the latest spike in costs to jeopardize a Florida multiple-employer health plan. See how the group’s leadership intends to ride out the current crisis.

Transformational Trajectory
When circumstances call for your institution to spread its wings, faculty and staff will need to get on board with the program. Three examples show how to change your image, and perhaps your world, in positive ways.

Insights: Janice Abraham on Risk Readiness
The economic downturn presents a compelling case for engaging in enterprise risk management—so argues Janice Abraham, president and chief executive officer of United Educators, in this interview with Business Officer.

Business Briefs
Short news articles based on research surveys and peers’ business experiences that can benefit institutions

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