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Business Officer Magazine

July 2005

When Foul Winds Blow
Disaster struck Brevard Community College—and kept striking. Here’s what the administration learned about preparing for and recovering from unpredictable events.

Data Defense
Spam blocking, firewall protection, raising awareness among staff....What are you doing to ward off sabotage in cyberspace?

Accidents Can Happen
Find out what precautions several research universities are taking to protect their campus communities from hazardous material spills, lab mishaps, and the more ominous possibilities of attack.

Marie McDemmond on Life at the Top

The Core of a Good Rapport
As you walk out the door after a confrontation with the chief development officer, you hear a whispered “bean counter.” How can you get this relationship, which is so important to your institution, back on track?

Financial Aid: Does It Matter Whether It's Funded?
No one would dispute that grants and scholarships assist many students in financing their education. But how that institutional aid should be characterized and provided remains open to debate.

Rethinking Retail
As colleges and universities play a larger role in local retail—and seek more creative partnerships—students and c ommunity members reap the benefits.

The Numbers Game
Alternative investments and financial reporting on intercollegiate athletics piqued attendees’ interest at NACUBO’s Higher Education Accounting Forum.

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