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By the Numbers: Globe Trekking

Preeti Vasishtha

By the Numbers: Globe Trekking. Here is some data on the mobility of international students, who travel to attain higher education in countries outside their own.

Long-term Growth in the Number of Students Enrolled Outside Their Country of Citizenship
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Top 8 Host Countries of Globally Mobile Students

2001 Worldwide: 2.1 millions students*

2011 Worldwide: 4.1 million students*

*Due to rounding, percentage may not total to 100. Source: Project Atlas: Trends and Global Data 2012, Institute of International Education

>190 - The number of education systems in the world that operate more than 12,000 institutions of higher education and vocational, primary, secondary, adult, and specialized schools.

International Enrollment as a Percentage of Total Higher Education for Top Countries 2010/11

 - The number of foreign students who were studying in Shanghai, China, in 2011. The city aims to increase the number to 70,000—a 45 percent gain—by 2015, through a variety of initiatives, including establishing a comprehensive scholarship system for foreign students. Source: China Scholarship Council,