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Business Officer Magazine

July/August 2012

Multiple Missions, Single Voice
Since 1962, NACUBO has represented the interests of higher education, allowing business officers from colleges and universities across the country to speak as one in addressing the industry’s accounting, legislative, and regulatory challenges.

NACUBO Moments in Time

The Way We Were
From solitary administrator to collaborative leader, the role of the chief business officer has grown in stature over the decades, as the scope of responsibility has increased.

To Ensure We Endure
For four decades, NACUBO has tracked the evolving practices for managing college and university endowments. Two experts reflect on major trends during that time, including spiraling growth, changing asset allocations, and the increasing significance of investments to the overall financial picture.

Some Great Minds
Where is higher education headed? The following essays present a range of perspectives designed to engage, inspire, and challenge campus leaders.

By the Numbers: Higher Education Then and Now

Ready to Step Up
New chief business officers from within and outside higher education bring fresh perspectives as they assume their strategic roles. What are the essential qualities they will need?

Orchestrating Change
Proactive leadership starts in the business office, where the forces of change converge.

Partners in Parallel
NACUBO's corporate partners look at past developments that have shaped the CBO position, and the ways their companies' work with higher education institutions has tracked-and will continue to mesh-with those trends.

A Better Way
Members share 25-plus great ideas that changed the business office.

Paying Tribute
NACUBO salutes the generations of leaders and mentors who have nurtured its growth.

Business Intel
A roundup of short news articles and useful resources for business officers

Vantage Point
Spotlight on an institution in one of the constituent groups: small institutions, community colleges, comprehensive/doctoral institutions, or research universities

Federal File
Coverage of legislation and regulatory activity that affects higher education

Business Officer Salutes Recent Volunteer Authors
Recognition of magazine authors and contributors from September 2011 through July/August 2012

Back Story
Profiles of individuals in roles that support the work of the chief business officer—and who represent the majority of the Business Officer reading audience.

Business Officer Plus