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Business Officer Magazine

July/August 2008

Making It as a Multinational University
If your destination is to go international in a big way, business officers who are taking the trip have some news for you: Be prepared for a bumpy ride.

Pressure Points
Four industry experts alert campus leaders to emerging forces that require action now.

Safety From All Angles
A NACUBO-led national initiative assembles a broad coalition to assess and address campus security from all perspectives.

Family Ties
How do you maintain an arm's-length relationship with affiliates? A well-articulated agreement can simplify life for a parent institution and its foundation offspring.

Rein in Your Risk, Manage Your Audit
Threats to institutional assets join the growing stable of business office concerns. A culture focused on knowledge, preparation, and deadlines helps reduce risk and keep accounting operations aligned with reporting requirements.

Share the Health
A homegrown campus wellness program shows promise for lowering health-related costs—pumping up employee morale and fitness.

Finances in the Clear
Six years out from Sarbanes-Oxley, see how NACUBO member institutions have adapted practices to meet the goals of transparency and accountability.

Seeking a Smaller Footprint
Forward-thinking campus leaders pair new technologies with adjustments in human behaviors to step away from energy waste toward a carbon-neutral future.

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