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Business Officer Magazine

July/August 2007

Mitigating the Risks of Big Systems
Consider the Community Source model as a way to blend the economies of off-the-shelf software with the customization advantages of owning the system.

Greater Expectations
Every year, students want more stuff, parents want more say. While you address their rising demands, help both parties understand the value of your institution’s most important asset: education.

Integrated Process, Celebrated Results
Be clear about what role faculty and staff can play in your stretch to new levels of campuswide performance. And, when they help make it happen, let them take a bow.

No Debt About It
Well-crafted policies—and a touch of toughness—prompt students to pay now, not later.

Trends at Work
Industry leaders who see the big picture discuss ways to capitalize on campus developments.

All Hands on the Plan
One question keeps Regent University focused on its mission: Are we who we say we are?

The Power of P3
NACUBO’s Public-Private Partnerships program showcased construction projects that are big on collaboration.

Partners With Purpose
Public-private initiatives allow institutions and their communities to share the rewards of enriched educational and economic opportunities—if deals are structured appropriately.

Document This, Control That
Higher education leaders are challenged to rethink financial processes. More deliberate steps and sharper vigilance are part of the new mind-set.

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