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Business Officer Magazine

July/August 2006

A Whole New U
Blogs, podcasts, courseware…Teaching and learning in the 21st century will rely more than ever on these tools. Several institutions discuss how educational technology is changing the classroom experience.

Sweat Equity
The payback on fitness-related facilities investments is value for students plus added vigor to recruitment and retention.

Battling Health Care Costs Round Two
A consortium of Florida colleges and universities had a great idea to save on medical insurance expenses. But when expenses spun out of control, the institutions needed a new strategy.

Come Together
Northern Nevada’s multi-institution Redfield campus creates a single footprint and a seamless system of higher education.

The Value-Added University
What’s the financial value of a public institution to its community? Conduct an economic impact study to make your case.

Future Forces
Six industry experts offer their take on the trends shaping the campus of tomorrow.

In the Know
For alternative investments, ultimate responsibility for determining fund value rests with the institution.

Partnerships for the Public Good
To address the state’s need for quality scientific crime laboratories, California State University–Los Angeles formed partnerships with the city, the county, and the state to build a facility on its campus.

Up and Running Again
Develop a plan for continuing the business of your institution no matter what unexpected scenario may arise.

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