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Business Officer Magazine

January 2010

Time to Regroup
It’s been a year of tough budget choices. While institution leaders evaluate costs and risks associated with every potential decision, staffing and benefits are a big part of the planning.

And the Beat Goes On
Swamped with a multitude of operational responses to the economic crisis, business officers also had to find time to work on new FASB and GASB accounting requirements. The result: a year that gave business officers no rest.

Facilities Funding Thaws
Frozen capital markets had a chilling effect on new construction in 2009. But, some resources are still flowing, with developer-financed housing projects, bundled mixed-use facilities, and other creative deals on the rise.

Financial Climate Change
Pending legislation would impose a number of new accounting and financial requirements on college and university clean-energy projects. Two new books from NACUBO provide guidance on leveraging sustainability activities, assessing their risk and cost, and understanding financing options available for such projects.

Business Briefs
Short news articles based on research surveys and peers’ business experiences that can benefit institutions

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