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Business Officer Magazine

December 2011

Many Happy Returns
The payoff for investment in electronic student account transactions: faster service, more efficient staff, and real cost savings. NACUBO’s recent benchmarking survey confirms the rapid shift to automated processes.

Stewards by Nature
Chief business officers typically take the lead in operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness on campus. Now, with ecosystem issues routinely affecting decision making, their role includes helping others understand the relationship between economics and the environment.

Putting IT in Order
Bombarded with requests for technology projects, the IT team at the Community College of Rhode Island devised an evaluation framework to align department priorities with en-terprisewide strategic goals.

Tuition Ambitions
Using longitudinal data from the NACUBO Tuition Discounting Survey, Chapman Universi-ty President James Doti analyzes the interplay of the variables that affect tuition at inde-pendent institutions. His findings suggest certain actions and strategies that may be effective in dealing with various economic cycles.

Capitol Report
Coverage of legislation and regulatory activity that affects higher education

Business Briefs
Short news articles based on research surveys and peers’ business experiences that can benefit institutions

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