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Business Officer Magazine

April 2009

Diagnosing Fiscal Fitness
The Council of Independent Colleges developed a financial indicators tool that distills an institution's data to arrive at four core ratios. The report can provide an overall image of financial health, pointing out specific strengths and weaknesses. See how it works.

The Case for Decentralized Financial Management
Responsibility-based budgeting attempts to couple academic authority with financial responsibility. At the University of Toledo, the jury is still out on whether to adopt this method, make only modifications, or stick with the status quo.

More Hearts and Minds at the Table
Need an institutional strategic planning process that meaningfully engages all campus stakeholders? A collaborative approach could be the answer.

Security 101 for Small Colleges
Members and colleagues of NACUBO's Small Institutions Council share tips for keeping their campuses safe.

Hit a Home Run in Boston
Learn how facing up to Fenway Park's Green Monster can apply to your most daunting challenges. Here's a preview of the lineup at the NACUBO Annual Meeting, June 27-30.

Business Briefs
Short news articles based on research surveys and peers’ business experiences that can benefit institutions