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Research Universities Council

The Research Universities Council (RUC) is a standing council appointed by the NACUBO President in consultation with the regional associations. The Council is established to ensure that issues of specific concern to research-extensive universities are represented and addressed in the development of the association’s strategic goals and plans and in the creation of programs, products, and services for its members. The Research Universities Council serves as an advisory body to the President and staff by providing suggestions, feedback, and support for the association’s goals and activities as they pertain to the constituency.

Top issues 2016-17

  • Strengthening the leadership pipeline for CBOs
  • Furthering the public's and policymakers' understanding of the role and challenges of research universities

Top Issues for 2020 and Beyond

  • Restructuring of higher education because of affordability and price considerations, fewer high school graduates, competition for international students, student debt, and increasing government regulation
  • Changing the research university business model
  • New delivery models will mean a repurposing of the physical plant and issues with space utilization
  • Ability to adapt quickly will in part be based on leadership preparation and turnover and changing governance
  • Long-term impact of loss of state funding

Council Members 2016-17

Kelly L. Fox (chair)
Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
University of Colorado Boulder

Alice Brekke
Vice President for Operations and Finance
University of North Dakota

Leslie Brunelli
Vice President for Finance and CFO
University of South Carolina

Kathleen Byington
Assistant Vice President, Business Operations
Yale University

Jennifer "J.J." Wagner Davis
Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
George Mason University

Diane Goddard
Vice Provost for Finance and Administration
University of Kansas

Gerald Hector
Vice President for Financial Affairs
Cornell University

Laura Hubbard
Vice President, Finance and Administration
State University of New York at Buffalo

James Matteo
Associate Vice President and Treasurer
University of Virginia

MaryFrances McCourt
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
University of Pennsylvania

Brett Sweet
Vice Chancellor for Finance and CFO
Vanderbilt University

Leslie Fountain Williams
Finance Manager
University of Oregon

Don Zant
Vice President for Budget and Planning
Mississippi State University



Randy Roberson
Director, Member Engagement