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Community Colleges Council

The Community Colleges Council is a standing council appointed by the NACUBO President in consultation with the regional associations. The Council is established to ensure that issues of specific concern to community colleges are represented and addressed in the development of the association’s strategic goals and plans and in the creation of programs, products, and services for its members. The Community Colleges Council serves as an advisory body to the President and staff by providing feedback and support for the association’s goals and activities as they pertain to the constituency.

Top Issues 2013-14

  • Developing resources to help address a culture resistant to change
  • Developing a guide on benchmarking resources for CBOs
  • Developing an experts list of community college CBOs who have addressed specific issues or dealt with certain projects at their institutions
  • Providing training opportunities for community college CBOs to communicate messages with the media, political leaders, and other stakeholders
  • Continuing to focus on ethics and integrity and their importance in the business officer profession

Top Issues for 2020 and Beyond

  • Addressing open access, completion, enrollment cost, and the definition, calculation, and tracking of successful outcomes
  • Reworking the business model
  • Online education and for-profit competition
  • Accountability and public perception
  • Deferred maintenance

Council Members 2014-15

Jackie Askin (Chair)
Vice President for Administrative Services
Chandler-Gilbert Community College (AZ)

Melissa Beardmore
Vice President of Learning Resources Management
Anne Arundel Community College (MD)

Kenneth R. Burdzinski
Vice President of Administration and Finance
Pasco-Hernando Community College (FL)

Jacqueline DiMaggio
Vice President for Finance
Greenville Technical College (SC)

David Gingerella
Vice President of Administration and Finance
Northern Essex Community College (MA)

Kent Kay
Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration
St. Louis Community College (MO)

Alonzetta Landrum-Sims
Dean of Finance and Administration
Enterprise State Community College (AL)

Barbara Larson
Executive Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services
Johnson County Community College (KS)

Michael Mayher
Senior Vice President of Administrative Services and Treasurer
Lakeland Community College (OH)

Susan Perkins
Vice President, Finance and Administration
Middlesex County College (NJ)

Susan Tavakoli
Vice President, Administrative Services
Estrella Mountain Community College (AZ)

Michael Unebasami
Associate Vice President for Administrative Affairs
University of Hawaii Community Colleges (HI)


Randy Roberson
Director, Member Engagement