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Accounting Principles Council

Established to support NACUBO’s accounting guidance and advocacy efforts, the Accounting Principles Council (APC) consists of volunteer representatives of member institutions. The volunteers are accounting and finance professionals knowledgeable in matters such as financial accounting standards, external financial reporting, governmental accounting and reporting, not-for-profit accounting and reporting, managerial accounting and reporting, and financial analysis. The APC serves as an advisory body to and is appointed by the President of NACUBO.

Members of the APC serve on various project teams and standing committees, including: Endowment Accounting Issues; GASB/FASB Differences; Sarbanes-Oxley Guidance; Reporting Inconsistencies; Preparing for an Audit; Operating Measure for Independent Institutions; Benchmarking; Interim Financial Reporting; GASB/NASACT Committee; FASB Committee; AICPA Committee; Professional Development; and Community Colleges/Small Institutions.

Council Members

Kimberly Kvaal, Chair
Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
University of San Francisco

Karl Turro
Northwestern University

Matthew Brewer
California Institute of Technology

Brandon Gilliland
Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller
Wake Forest University

John Horn
University of Pennsylvania

C. Kim Yeoh
Associate Controller
Cornell University

Ms. Tieshe Pope
Principal Auditor
Duke University

Mr. Tom Ewing
Associate Controller and Director, Financial Reporting
The Ohio State University

Chris Leach
Director of Finance
Washburn University

Peggy Arrivas
Associate Vice President and System-wide Controller
University of California

Mr. Russ Hannah
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
Arkansas State University

Jose Carlos Hernandez
Associate Vice President of Finance and Controller
University of North Texas

Mary Fischer
Professor of Accounting
University of Texas at Tyler

Ed Magee
Senior Director of Finance
West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

Belva White
AVP for Finance & Controller
Emory University

Technical Advisors

Karen Craig
NACUBO Accounting Project Consultant
NACUBO representative - AICPA NFP Panel

Charles Tegen
NACUBO GASAC Representative
Clemson University, Comptroller

Kenneth Wilson
NACUBO project consultant
GASB BTA Resource Group

Ms. Susan E. Budak
FARM author

NACUBO Staff Liaison

Susan Menditto
Director, Accounting Policy