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Strategic Plan and Bylaws

NACUBO’s Long-Range Strategic Plan, approved by the NACUBO Board of Directors, is designed on a three-year timeframe to move the association toward its stated mission and vision and to address the most critical issues and priorities for the association’s success in meeting the needs of its members and stakeholders.


NACUBO is the thought leader and authoritative resource for business and financial management of higher education and is recognized as such by key internal and external stakeholders.


To advance the economic viability, business practices and support for higher education institutions in fulfillment of their missions.

The NACUBO Board of Directors is also responsible for maintaining and revising the association’s bylaws. Notice of any recommended changes by the board is provided to institutional primary representatives during the spring of each year and voted on at the primary representatives’ breakfast held in conjunction with the NACUBO Annual Meeting in July.

In 2007, the NACUBO Board of Directors approved a code of ethics that is shared with all new members of the association.