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Logo Usage

Safety Margins for Print Usage

The NACUBO logo requires a safety margin of 1/2 the height of the logo.

Safety Margins for Web/Online Usage

The NACUBO logo requires a safety margin of 16 pixels.

Black, Gray and White Logos

The white and gray logo is for use on dark backgrounds only.

The black and gray logo is only used when printing restrictions do not allow for printing the logos in NACUBO blue.

Minimum Size

To ensure brand integrity and clarity, the NACUBO logo must not be reproduced smaller than 1" or 72 pixels.

Color Usage

For all related print materials:
Use the PANTONE® colors listed. The standards are found in the current edition of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide. In the event PANTONE colors are not available, refer to the values for Process (CMYK) color implementation.

For web and on-screen applications:
Use the values for Screen Colors (RGB) and HEX colors for web pages.


The NACUBO logo may be used against a colored background as long as the tone of that color is less than 20% black.

Incorrect Logo Usage

Do not place the logo on a dark background. The tone of the background has to be less than 20% black. If a dark background is unavoidable, use the white and gray logos as specified above.

Do not place the logo on a textured background.

Do not change the color of the logo.

Do not move logo elements from existing positions.

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