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In the April issue of Business Officer magazine, discover what college and university leaders are discussing today. With more than 25,000 decision-makers in a $400 billion higher education market Business Officer magazine remains a required read for business and finance leaders in higher education.

Focus: Diversity and Inclusion

Preview of the NACUBO 2017 Annual Meeting. A comprehensive summary of NACUBO's upcoming signature conference of the year, scheduled for Minneapolis, July 29-Aug. 1, focuses on "Currents of Collaboration." Descriptions of program details, events, and venues, and a sampling of concurrent sessions will bring members up to speed with this year's meeting plans. Members who are residents in and around the host city review their favorite restaurants, museums, outdoor activities, and more. Meeting participants will learn and network in a lively environment that exemplifies the conference spirit. Through general and concurrent sessions, attendees will consider key issues affecting the business office, learn ways to effectively implement solutions to maximize results, and engage in spirited discussions on reinvigorating campus operations.

Enabling Equity. Minneapolis's Augsburg College practices a style of inclusivity that moves beyond tolerance to embracing, celebrating, and utilizing differences to improve classroom rigor, recruit new students, and make the campus more socially dynamic. Learn how the institution has invested in inclusiveness through reallocation and prioritization of resources, and how it views growth in diverse populations as an engine for long-term financial sustainability.     

The Mission as Muse. A decade ago, Elon University, Elon, N.C., envisioned innovative approaches to learning and engagement, transforming the student experience-and the community-for the global good. This article, which is part of a new feature series about adaptation strategies for the challenging higher education environment, describes some of Elon University's eight initiatives aimed at helping it become an institution known for its academic excellence and exceptional student achievement.  

Taking Advocacy in Hand. The political landscape in Washington has changed. Learn why campus leaders-now more than ever-should be readily prepared to discuss the intersection of the business office with federal policy. NACUBO has created new resources to help business officers understand how federal policy changes to charitable giving and endowments could affect lives in their states and local communities.

The final deadline to reserve your advertising space in the April issue is Friday, March 3, as long as space remains available. Materials are due no later than March 10. You can find our 2017 Marketing kit.


Latosha McNeal
Manager, Business Development