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In the January issue of Business Officer magazine, discover what college and university leaders are discussing today. With more than 26,000 decision-makers in a $400 billion higher education Business Officer magazine remains a required read for business and finance leaders in higher education.

Fear of Retirement-Are You and Your Institution Ready? The day will come when you-and your college or university-are ready for your retirement. Several CBOs who have made gracious exits explain how they reached the financial and emotional comfort zone for their departures. From obtaining financial advice to reevaluating where they live, taking stock ahead of time can prepare aspiring retirees for a smoother transition.

 From Serving the Campus to Serving the Community. There's no single path of transition from paid professional work to a rewarding new routine. Profiles of recent and not-so-recent retirees shed light on the many options to consider when opening doors to a different kind of daily experience. Whether it's gradually picking up volunteer responsibilities, planning those long-delayed adventures in faraway realms, or developing a dormant hobby, see what paths others have taken-usually with some surprises along the way.

An Instructional Cost Dashboard to Compare Efficiencies. Picture being able to predict the financial implications of various "What-If" scenarios. At Yavapai College, a community college in Prescott, Ariz., leaders use a Web-based business intelligence tool to calculate discipline-level costs that inform decisions-and spark entrepreneurial ideas to generate revenue. To effectively implement such a dashboard, note Yavapai's leaders, your institution must be willing to commit the necessary personnel, financial, and technology resources-and developing the dashboard in stages.

How Much Change Can a University Absorb? In an ambitious initiative aimed at more effective and strategic management of its resources, the University of Kansas undertook transformational change in 11 core areas-all at the same time. See what processes and techniques senior leaders used to communicate about and organize the intersecting efforts. One suggestion: present challenges to groups of employees and ask them to collaborate on solutions.

The final deadline to reserve your advertising space in the January issue is Wednesday, December 9, as long as space remains available. Materials are due no later than December 16. You can find our 2015 Marketing kit.


Latosha McNeal
Manager, Business Development