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In the January issue of Business Officer magazine, discover what college and university leaders are discussing today. With more than 25,000 decision-makers in a $400 billion higher education market Business Officer magazine remains a required read for business and finance leaders in higher education.

Risk Management

Taking Emergency Planning Up a Notch. Based on a popular session at the NACUBO Annual Meeting, this article describes the University of Alabama's five-point emergency management program that helps protect the campus from natural disasters and man-made threats. The program includes an accreditation from the Emergency Management Assessment Program.

Risk Management in the Era of Social Media. In today's social-media centric world, how can campuses analyze online threats? Institutions with social media alert systems may be able to pick up on life-and-death situations-before they become tragic.

The Comeback Campus. The first in a new feature series about at-risk higher education institutions, this case study describes how dwindling enrollments, leadership churn, and failing finances prompted Edinboro University's recovery efforts. A major focus on the way budget links to planning, assessment, and decision making jump-started an institutional turnaround.     

What's New With KUALI Software? In the 10 years since its inception, the KUALI open source administrative software has evolved to not only support the initial vision to spend less on administration and more on teaching and research, but expand its participation, elevate the user experience, and make use of the cloud. Learn what other advances and benefits this collaborative system has to offer.

On Balance. EDUCAUSE CEO John O'Brien outlines higher education institution IT spend and other priorities in an ever-complex technology environment. In this interview with Business Officer, O'Brien explains the role of CBOs and other senior leaders in keeping up with IT needs of students, faculty, and staff.

The final deadline to reserve your advertising space in the January issue is Friday, December 9, as long as space remains available. Materials are due no later than November 16. You can find our 2017 Marketing kit.


Latosha McNeal
Manager, Business Development