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In the November issue of Business Officer magazine, discover what college and university leaders are discussing today. With more than 26,000 decision-makers in a $400 billion higher education Business Officer magazine remains a required read for business and finance leaders in higher education.

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire's Student-University Partnership. UW-Eau Claire's vision calls for enhanced learning that would engage all students in at least one high-impact experience such as study abroad, undergraduate research, or other student engagement. However, continued state budget reductions meant the university had to find innovative ways to fund its vision. The answer: Students voluntarily assess themselves additional tuition to support those experiences, and in return, student partners share oversight of how the tuition is invested.

CBO Competencies and Building a CBO Succession Plan-third article in the Leadership in Transition Series. A key element in succession planning is identifying leadership competencies needed for your staff members to advance, then providing opportunities to develop them. This article focuses on competencies for a successful chief business officer, using recent research from the Higher Education Leadership Competency Study, a supplemental instrument in NACUBO's 2013 CBO Profile survey.

Transparency and Accessibility in an Annual Financial Report. To improve readability, the University of Colorado transformed its annual financial report from a lengthy paper document into an interactive, user-friendly website-and received a NACUBO 2014 Innovation Award. Not only does CU now offer the interactive website with color graphs and intuitive navigation, but the university also created an additional website, "The Illustrated Guide to the Annual Financial Report" that tells the story of the financial data in easy-to-understand language and charts accessible to the nonaccountant.

Navigating Organizational Challenges. Disruptive waves of change are hitting higher education head on, but institutions of all types are evolving their business models in hopes of remaining solidly afloat. This article describes some innovative ways that Valencia College, Orlando, is responding to reduced state appropriations, including a three-phased sustainability program, reassessing services to determine which are best outsourced or kept in house, and realizing cost savings through water conservation. The strategic work of several other colleges and universities is showcased in the article.

The final deadline to reserve your advertising space in the November issue is Friday, October 10, as long as space remains available. Materials are due no later than October 17. You can find our 2014 media kit.


Latosha McNeal
Manager, Business Development