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In the May issue of Business Officer magazine, discover what college and university leaders are discussing today. With more than 26,000 decision-makers in a $400 billion higher education Business Officer magazine remains a required read for business and finance leaders in higher education.

The Future of Administrative IT. Administrative information technology forms the core of an efficient and thriving institution. However, how can institutions contain escalating system costs? In a roundtable discussion, four CBOs consider ways that institutions can maximize the value of administrative and related information technology-whether that means taking fuller advantage of the features of the existing system, selecting standardized rather than customized software, or using the system itself to streamline processes. 

Campus Public Safety Accreditation: Making Continuous Improvement a Formal and Systematic Activity. Achieving accreditation for your safety and security operation can bring benefits that are both professional and practical. Business officers and safety professionals explain why and how their institutions made the grade-and why other colleges and universities might consider doing the same.

Accounting Year in Review-part of the Financial Reporting and Management Series. It's been a busy year for the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). While FASB worked on changes to its not-for-profit reporting model, GASB reviewed how well its own reporting model has worked in recent years. At the same time, NACUBO's staff and its Accounting Principles Council members have been involved in advocacy to help the two boards better understand higher education institutions. If your institution is part of a multiple employer cost-sharing plan, you'll be interested in the top 10 actions to prepare for implementing GASB's pension accounting standard.

Bookstore Trends. Campus bookstores have already transitioned from serving as textbook suppliers to providers of digital and customized content. But, that doesn't mean change has subsided. In addition to favored methods of content delivery, student practices and preferences continue to influence course materials as well as other campus store developments: focus on cost of classroom materials, desire for fair trade products, and popularity of experiential shopping options.

The final deadline to reserve your advertising space in the May issue is Thursday, April 10, as long as space remains available. Materials are due no later than April 17. You can find our 2014 media kit.


Latosha McNeal
Manager, Business Development