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Education, Development and Membership

Marta Perez Drake Senior Vice President, Education, Development and Membership 202.861.2519
Barbara DiRocco Senior Director, Meetings and Events 202.861.2533
Amy Hemphill Senior Director, Member Services 202.861.2536
Earla Jones Senior Director, Annual Meeting 202.861.2523
Elizabeth LaRocca Director, Member Engagement 202.861.2588
Laura McFarland Senior Director, Business Development 202.861.2563
Ankur Ponda Director, Member Engagement 202.861.2546
Randy Roberson Director, Strategic Initiatives 202.861.2584
Carole Schweitzer Editor in Chief 202.861.2566
Maryann Terrana Director, Member Engagement 202.861.2562
Tadu Yimam Senior Director, Online Learning and Publications 202.861.2541
Stephen Alleyne Manager, Member Services (NACUBO, SACUBO, and CACUBO) 202.861.2516
Amy Barbieri Manager, Member Services (NACUBO and WACUBO) 202.861.2556
Jeanne Cure Manager, Program Development 202.861.2574
Altovise Davis Manager, Program Development 202.861.2586
Me'Shell Drigo Senior Manager, Member Services 202.861.2515
Abby Eastman Meeting Planner (Annual Meeting) 202.861.2506
Debbie Flythe Receptionist 202.861.2500
Neil Gavigan Assistant Manager, Business Development 202.861.2551
Maria Kowalski Meeting Coordinator (Annual Meeting) 202.861.2507
Ashley Makarsky Meeting Planner (Meetings and Events) 202.861.2554
LaTosha McNeal Manager, Business Development 202.861.2582
Gloria Nehemiah Exhibits Manager 202.861.2555
Dana Neill Senior Meeting Planner (Meetings and Events) 202.861.2559
David Perez Production Manager 202.861.2568
Alexandra Smith Meeting Planner (Meetings and Events) 202.861.2508
Khesia Taylor Associate Editor 202.861.2576
Preeti Vasishtha Deputy Editor 202.861.2502
Morgan Witter Distance Learning Coordinator 202.861.2561