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Advocacy and Issue Analysis

Matt Hamill Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Issue Analysis 202.861.2529
Anne C. Gross Vice President, Regulatory Affairs 202.861.2544
Bob Shea Senior Fellow, Finance and Campus Management 202.861.2546
Mary M. Bachinger Director, Tax Policy 202.861.2581
Liz Clark Director, Federal Affairs 202.861.2553
Kellee Edmonds Director, Communications and Marketing 202.861.2549
Sally Grans-Korsh Director, Facilities and Environmental Policy 202.861.2571
Sue Menditto Director, Accounting Policy 202.861.2542
Ken Redd Director, Research and Policy Analysis 202.861.2527
Lesley McBain Assistant Director, Research and Policy Analysis 202.861.2596
Jacalyn Askin Higher Education Economic Models Project Manager 602.510.2960
Bryan Dickson Senior Policy Analyst 202.861.2505
Tonieh Hansford Marketing Specialist 202.861.2580
Katy Hopkins Public Relations Manager 202.861.2503
Whitney Sayce Senior Manager of Marketing 202.861.2530